User Testing: Alpha Testing, Beta Testing, and Acceptance Testing – Project Update #7

User Testing: Alpha Testing, Beta Testing, and Acceptance Testing

Hi there,

Today, I want to talk about testing my project. There are different types of testing, and in this post, I’ll focus on user testing such as alpha testing, beta testing, and acceptance testing from my project perspective.

It’s always a good practice to test your programs, however, we need to remember that testing points out errors in our applications, but cannot provide assurance that the application is without any hidden faults or bugs.

Just a quick reminder, there are a few approaches to testing:

  • Development testing
    • Unit testing
    • Component testing
    • System testing
  • Test-driven development
  • Release testing
    • Requirements-based testing
    • Scenario testing
    • Performance testing
  • User testing
    • Alpha testing
    • Beta testing
    • Acceptance testing


At this point, my focus is on user testing. I want to use customer testing because I need feedback from the users if the application is working correctly, if it is useful, and if there are any elements that could be added or changed.

I will follow the three stages of user testing

  1. Alpha Testing – testers check the software at the developer site. No software is released at this point.

Since I will be the developer of the application and a future user, this stage probably will be tested by me and a few close friends.

  1. Beta Testing – developers have released an early version of the software that allows users to interact with the basic features of it and provide feedback.

In this stage, I’ll ask a larger group of people to play with the application and send me feedback.

  1. Acceptance Testing – customer decides if the product fulfills all the requirements and is ready to be deployed to the market.

I might have a little difficulty to decide if the software is good enough and ready to be deployed to the mass market. This is because I’m the customer and the developer at the same time, and I’m always harder on myself than others.