Top 3 free online learning platforms Udacity, Coursera, EdX 2

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Today, I want to tell you about my favorite MOOC platforms because knowledge is power. MOOC stands for Massive Open Online Course.


Udacity mainly provides technical courses that are offered by top software companies, such as Google, Facebook, MongoDB, Amazon etc. or in collaboration with them, so you know that they will teach you skills that are needed and useful in the workforce.

Here, you can find a wide range of technology, for example, you can learn about developing applications for Android, web development, or Big Data, as well as prepare for a technical interview. You can also search courses based on your skill level or language that you want to learn or improve.

This platform offers many free courses where you can receive a certificate, as well as paid Nanodegree Programs.

The free courses have quizzes, so you can check if you understood everything. After the quiz, usually there is a short video with an explanation of the problem from the teacher. In addition, you run your code inside their environment, and you get feedback if it works correctly or not.

I haven’t started any paid programs with them, but they offer a job guarantee for people eligible to work in the US or you get your money back. Read more here. 


I feel that Coursera is focused on providing courses that are prepared by university professors from around the globe. It’s been created by Stanford professors.

Coursera, besides computer science courses, also offers courses in business, social studies, art and many more areas.

I’ve noticed that most of Coursera courses are offered as a part of specialization, and as far as I know all specializations are paid. However, you still can learn the topic for free, and to do that you need to specify that you want to audit the course. What you can access for free depends on the course, but mainly you should get access to most of the videos and quiz questions. In some courses, you might get access to all the course data, but you won’t get the certificate if you choose to audit the course.


I’m quite new to the EdX platform. It’s a nonprofit organization that was created by Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University.

EdX offers courses from the widest range of disciplines such as chemistry, biology, computer science, business and management, history, music, and many more. See Figure 1 for a more precise list.

Figure 1: List of course subjects on the EdX platform.


Courses are created by various universities from around the world and other partner organizations – either corporations or organizations such as IEEE.

EdX also has a wide range of courses that are created by Microsoft or teach how to excel using Microsoft products. You can learn various technologies here, for example, Excel, SharePoint, SQL, T-SQL, C#, machine learning or Azure.

On this platform, you also have a choice to audit a course (free) or earn a certificate (paid). EdX, similarly to previously described platforms, also has a series of courses; in this case, they are called MicroMasters. The idea is the same, you take a few courses on the specified topic, e.g. Cybersecurity, and get a certificate recognized by companies.


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