Technical Interview with CodeFights

Technical Interview with CodeFights

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Today, I want to share a website that may help you prepare for your technical interview.

I have been using codefights for some time, especially their daily challenge series.

Technical Interview with CodeFights

Yesterday, I received an email from them about their improved “Interview Practice” feature. Here’s what I have for you at this moment:


  • They use real technical interview questions, and tell you which company asked them in the past
  • You can practice a specific topic, e.g. arrays, trees, sorting algorithms, or dynamic programming
  • You write the code in their IDE on the website, and then check it against their tests
  • You can choose from almost twenty programming languages, such as Python, Java, C#, JavaScript, C++, Ruby, PHP, Perl, Scala
  • After you have successfully submitted your challenge, you can see how other developers solved it
  • Each topic is organized from the easiest to hardest questions
  • There’s a “Comments” section where you can ask questions and see hints
  • Each topic has a tutorial. Figure 1 shows where to click to get to the topic explanation
    Technical Interview with CodeFights

    Figure 1: Additional Tutorial


  • There are three types of study plans based on your interview date
    • your interview is within the next two weeks
    • you have a few months till your big interview
    • you have even more time and want to practice everything


  • The site is not able to check against all the requirements. For example, the instructions say to iterate over an array only once, however, I’ve seen a working solution that iterated through the array at least three times and still was accepted /passed all their tests. What’s more the solution was voted as to be one of the best ones. I’m not blaming the site for that since it may be hard to test; I just want to emphasize that you need to pay attention because the interviewer will definitely do that.

Final Thought

I’m very excited about the new improved feature, and I hope you’ll give them a try. Happy thinking and interviewing!

Just so you know, the site has more options for practicing coding, e.g., challenge your friends, fight with Bots, etc. However, if you want to start practicing with easier examples, I’d suggest going back to this post about a great Java book where you’ll find a good site to practice.

I’m working on making a list of all sites that aim towards preparing for a technical interview. If you have a favorite one, please share in the comments section below.


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