How to stay current on new technology?  Lucky seven to stay on top 8

stay current new technology

Hi there, 

Let’s be honest, Computer Science is one of the fastest growing industries. New job titles appear more often than in other disciplines. New languages and technologies are created on almost daily basis.

So, the question is, how to keep up with all of it?

I came up with my list on how to manage the constantly growing industry. I understand that we cannot know all of it, but there might be new technology created just for us that will make us grow and sparkle.

I hope you find some inspiration here.


1.  Create a Google alert to get a daily dosage of your topics of interest to your inbox. For example, I have set up one for “Azure” and another for “cloud computing.” Since these are quite popular subjects I receive the news daily. Of course, you can specify how often you want to receive yours, what kind of websites you want to follow, language, etc. See Figure 1 for more details.


Google Alert setup

   Figure 1: Google Alert setup


2. Subscribe to CodeProject or other community that aims at learning, teaching, and having fun with code. CodeProject sends a daily dose of new articles that showed up on the site. The articles are about various technologies and organized per programming language. You can also find cool tips here.


3. Read articles from Communications of the ACM and publications from IEEE regularly. They have a wide variety of topics, for example, special computing, information cartography, etc.

And of course, if you can, become a member of one of those organizations or both.

 Communications of the ACM

Figure 2: Communications of the ACM Magazines


4. Subscribe to reputable sources on YouTube or watch videos from companies that create the technology that you are interested in. In my case, I try to watch Azure Friday.


5. Find online courses that are fun to watch and useful. Here’s a post with my favorite sites.


6. Check free eBooks or go to a local library for inspiration before committing money into a new hobby. Packt Publishing offers a free eBook every day that can be downloaded as PDF, ePub, Mobi, or simply read online. In addition, you get code files whenever they are available.


7. Stay connected. Try to participate in technical conferences not only from your main domain but also from unknown fields to you. If you don’t have access to convention organized by a company, you can also look for meetup groups around you.


What else would you add?