Project Description 2

Hi there,
I’ve started this blog because I wanted to be a part of the #GetNoticed contest organized by devstyle.

The main purpose of the challenge is to develop a working product within 10 weeks and describe the process on the blog. The code for this project can be found here.

Please keep reading to get more information about my idea.

  Project Name


  Project Description

PrivateReview is an application that allows users to write products’ reviews that will be only visible to them. They can create and modify their database by adding new products and services or deleting existing ones. This means that they can add a specific product that they buy locally and their opinion about it.

By using this application, the users will have all the information about previous purchases or services at hand and in one place. This will allow them to buy products that worked for them in the past and omit products and vendors that were not so great (aka terrible).

  Application Development

The first version of this product will be developed as a .NET MVC application using Azure PaaS Cloud Service. The application will be developed with the best design practices in mind using Web and Worker roles, async programing, etc.

In the future, I’d like to develop a phone application that would have the same functionality. To make the application more user friendly, I’d like to improve adding new products by scanning their barcode if one is available. This would make the searching and adding faster.

  Why this idea?

To be honest, I’m just tired of repurchasing products that didn’t work for me in the past. I also don’t want to remember that two years ago I didn’t like the pink toothpaste, but I liked the green one, or get a second bad haircut from the same hair stylist.

  My Goal

What I want to get from this contest? That’s simple. I want to have a better knowledge of C# and improved programming skills to develop solid and robust Azure cloud applications in the future.

  My Plan

To achieve my goals, I’m going to stick to Microsoft resources, such as

⇒   Azure student account
⇒   Microsoft:DEV204xProgramming with C# (an online course on
⇒   Azure Friday
⇒   Azure online documentation
⇒   Books

Please come back soon for more stories of struggles and interesting facts.
Thanks for stopping by!

I’d like to thank wonderful Żaneta from and for telling me about the contest and helping with my basic blog problems. Check out her amazing blogs!