Initial Design of Private Review Project Update #4 2

Hi there, Today I want to share with you an initial design of my project. As I mentioned previously, I want to keep it simple. Main Page The main page will have a list of all the products. Above the table, there will also be a search field and an […]

Private Review

Best free Java course

The Best Free Java Course – Review 2

Hi guys, Today, I want to share with you my first online course review and encourage you to take it if you need to learn basic Java programming and a little bit more.   I’m quite sentimental about this free online course because it is my very first MOOC that […]

Top 3 free online learning platforms Udacity, Coursera, EdX 2

Hi there, Today, I want to tell you about my favorite MOOC platforms because knowledge is power. MOOC stands for Massive Open Online Course.   Udacity mainly provides technical courses that are offered by top software companies, such as Google, Facebook, MongoDB, Amazon etc. or in collaboration with them, so you […]

online learning platforms

How to stay current on new technology?  Lucky seven to stay on top 8

Hi there,  Let’s be honest, Computer Science is one of the fastest growing industries. New job titles appear more often than in other disciplines. New languages and technologies are created on almost daily basis. So, the question is, how to keep up with all of it? I came up with […]

stay current new technology

Azure Storage: Queues, Tables, and Blobs Project Update #2

Hi there, It’s time to talk about how I’m going to organize and store the data in my project. But before I tell you what I’ve decided, let’s see what type of storage Azure has to offer.  Azure Storage There are a few different options to choose from: ⇒ Blob […]

Project Update #1 Cloud Computing Service Models

Hi Guys, Today, I want to quickly talk about different characteristics of services offered by cloud providers and analyze which one would suit my project best. Service Models There are three different service models which are described below. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) As the name indicates the provider gives the clients software that […]

Project Description 2

Hi there, I’ve started this blog because I wanted to be a part of the #GetNoticed contest organized by devstyle. The main purpose of the challenge is to develop a working product within 10 weeks and describe the process on the blog. The code for this project can be found […]

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What’s Cloud Computing

  What’s Cloud Computing? Nowadays, we use cloud computing all the time, and sometimes we are unaware that we are using applications that were built on the cloud model.  Have you ever used Microsoft One Drive, Google Drive, or watched a movie on Netflix? If you answered yes to any of […]

About me

Hi there, I’m a Computer Science student, and I’m a huge advocate of Microsoft (especially their software).  I actually based my master’s thesis on Microsoft impact on the global economy. During the #GetNoticed challenge I’m planning to go through all the free online courses, articles, and books about Azure and […]