Game Development – How to Start and Course Review

Game Development How to Start

Hi there,

Today, I want to share with you how I was able to start game development with very limited knowledge about the process. As a final project in my 3D Graphics class, I wanted to make a 3D game. With my classmate, we decided to use Unity and C#.


Unity C#

Why we chose Unity

  • There’s a great community that helps if you have any problems
  • You can develop cross-platform games
  • It is a game engine that is used by professionals
  • You can develop both 3D and 2D games

What helped me to learn Unity

I knew nothing about Unity and game development. Luckily, I’ve found a great online course that taught me everything that I needed – Introduction to Game Development. If you’re new to online learning, check out this post about the best three platforms to learn anything, IMHO.

The course has been created by Michigan State University, and it is a part of Game Design and Development Specialization. The course has two options: paid and free. I chose the free version.

Why I like it

  • You don’t need any game development experience (but it’s good to have basic coding experience)
  • You’ll have a fully working game in the second week
  • It’s free if you choose the audit option
  • You get all the source code
  • It teaches the industry standards
  • It’s well organized
  • It’s been created by university professors so you can assume that you’ll get high-quality material
  • There’s a forum if you have any questions
  • It’s based on C# scripts in Unity

What you’ll learn

  • game development theory
  • working with lighting, cameras, etc.
  • designing spawners
  • particle creation
  • physics
  • and many more topics

If you want to see if game development is the right path for you, I highly recommend this course. So far, I only took the first one from the series, but I want to take the rest from the specialization.