Functional and Non-functional Requirements Project Update #5

Functional and Non-functional Requirements

Hi there,

Today, I want to share with you the initial requirements for my project. These may change with time. It’s possible that I’ll add new requirements and delete the old ones.

As a quick reminder, there are two types of requirements: functional and non-functional.

Functional requirements describe what the program should do, for example, display red button for three minutes.

Non-functional requirements describe how the program should behave under certain conditions, for example, the program should be robust.  


My Functional Requirements

  • Have an option to display items in an alphabetical order when searching for a product
  • Can show products from a specific category, e.g., coffee, toothpaste.
  • Show recently added items
  • Display a product thumbnail on the main page

My Non- Functional Requirements

  • Fast loading
  • Easy to use
  • User friendly