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Hi there,

In May 2018, I got into the Bertelsmann’s Data Science Scholarship Program. As far as I know, this is the first time that this data science scholarship is available, so I thought that I’d share my experience that I have so far. If you want to read more about the scholarship, check out this link. And if you want to learn about this awesome company click here.

The scholarship gives you access to an online course on


UdacityDataScholars PoweredByBertelsmann.

#UdacityDataScholars #PoweredByBertelsmann

The course of the Bertelsmann’s Data Science Scholarship consists of three parts

  • Intro to Statistics
  • Python
  • SQL

So far, I’ve worked through the statistics, and I admit that I did enjoy the course. Here’s why

  • The concepts are explained in a simple way. I don’t think that the material itself is easy, but the explanations and examples are very well presented therefore it seems so easy
  • Each lesson consists of 20 – 40 videos, which provide a great coverage of the material
  • The videos are short (less than 2-3 minutes), so you have no excuse not to watch at least one of them
  • Almost every sub-lesson has a quiz that checks if you learned the material (don’t worry, you can resubmit if you didn’t get it immediately)
  • If you have trouble solving the question, you can skip to the explanation
  • The instructor teaches how to use Google Sheets, so you don’t need to calculate everything by hand; however, some problems require you to calculate things manually
  • After the course, I understand statistics better and see why it’s important


In addition, all the scholars have support from each other and mentors. There’s a Slack channel and a forum where you can communicate with your classmates if you need some quick help or motivation. 

How do I stay motivated during the Bertelsmann’s Data Science Scholarship?

  • This is the first stage of the scholarship, and for 1500 scholars the company will sponsor a full Nanodegree program on So, the reward is amazing and can help with a career change or promotion at work
  • The Slack and forum communities are awesome, people are very helpful and can cheer you up
  • For the last month of the scholarship, there’s a #30_days_of_data challenge, where you pledge that for the next month you’re going to spend at least 15 minutes working on the classroom material of data related code and post on Slack what you did each day. I’m obviously doing the challenge 🙂  I plan to finish Python and SQL courses during the #30_days_of_data challenge
  • I have a great small study group that keeps me going


I’d like to thank Bertelsmann for sponsoring this Data Science Scholarship for people around the globe, and Udacity for creating such awesome courses.

#UdacityDataScholars and #PoweredByBertelsmann


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Best of all, you can also take the courses for free, you just won’t have the Slack support. Here are the links


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