Bertelsmann’s Data Science Scholarship

Hi there, In May 2018, I got into the Bertelsmann’s Data Science Scholarship Program. As far as I know, this is the first time that this data science scholarship is available, so I thought that I’d share my experience that I have so far. If you want to read more […]

Data Science

Ref and Out Reserved Keywords in Csharp

Ref and Out Reserved Keywords in Csharp – Part #2

Hi there, Today, we’ll take a closer look at “out” and “ref” keywords in C#. Let’s start with the basics of reference. There are two types of passing a value in C#. The first type is pass by value, and it’s used with primitive types, such as ints, doubles, etc. In this […]

ASP.NET Core MVC – Project Update #10

Hi there, For the implementation of my application, I’ve decided to use the latest framework from Microsoft: ASP.NET Core MVC. Advantages of ASP.NET Core MVC Allows to develop cloud-based internet connected applications, such as web apps, Internet of Things apps and mobile backends It’s based on the Model – View […]


Use Case Diagram Example

Use Case Diagram Example – Project Update#9

Hi there, Today I want to share with you a use case diagram example for my PrivateReview project. In ProjectUpdate#6, I’ve talked about user stories, so I thought that it’s time to share a use case diagram. Generally, use cases are created to specify different types of actors (users) that will […]

The Best Book to Learn Java: Building Java Programs

Hi there, Today, I want to share with you the best book to learn Java from scratch, IMHO. If you are looking for a great online Java course, check out my recommendation here. Building Java Programs: A Back to Basics Approach The book was written by two Computer Science professors […]

Best Book to Learn Java Building Java Programs


Reusability – Project Update #8

Hi there, For the last week, I was thinking about reusability, and how I could implement that in my project (you can find more information about it here) since I’ve developed one PaaS application in the past. Definition of Reusability  Reusability is the practice of leveraging prior work for future […]

Reserved Keywords in C# – Part #1

Hi there, Today I want to talk about some less common/more advanced reserved keywords in C# and how and when to use them. Everybody knows that you can’t use words like public, double, for, const in your code to name variables, classes, etc. because they are the so-called reserved words. […]

Reserved Keywords in C#

Best Soft Practices to Shine in Technical Fields

Hi there, Today, I want to share with you Best Soft Practices to shine in technical fields. A few years ago, I attended a talk with Dianne Chong, Ph.D. – Vice President of Materials, Manufacturing, Structures & Support at the Boeing Company. The speech was mainly focused on helping young women enter and […]

best soft practices to stay in technical fields

User Stories

User Stories Examples – Project Update #6

Hi there,  Today, I want to share with you my next step in the process of developing the PrivateReview project. I’ve decided that it’s time to tell you about user stories for my application.   What are User Stories In software engineering, user stories show how a user can interact […]

Game Development – How to Start and Course Review

Hi there, Today, I want to share with you how I was able to start game development with very limited knowledge about the process. As a final project in my 3D Graphics class, I wanted to make a 3D game. With my classmate, we decided to use Unity and C#. […]

Game Development How to Start

Functional and Non-functional Requirements

Functional and Non-functional Requirements Project Update #5

Hi there, Today, I want to share with you the initial requirements for my project. These may change with time. It’s possible that I’ll add new requirements and delete the old ones. As a quick reminder, there are two types of requirements: functional and non-functional. Functional requirements describe what the program […]

Coding Standards & Style Rules for Java & C# 2

Hi there, Today, I want to share with you some of the coding standards, also known as style rules. It’s important to have good coding habits because your code is read multiple times by many people, including you, and everyone should be able to follow it without any problems or […]

Coding Style

Private Review

Initial Design of Private Review Project Update #4 2

Hi there, Today I want to share with you an initial design of my project. As I mentioned previously, I want to keep it simple. Main Page The main page will have a list of all the products. Above the table, there will also be a search field and an […]